Fast and active are words often associated with the Logistics and Manufacturing industry. The same can
be said for our solutions as we ensure that your daily operations runs faster and stays active, all while
maintaining workflow efficiency and full control over the assembly line.

Break Down The Fulfilment Process

To build up is to break down. Reduce the steps needed within the fulfilment process as our digitization and automation process improves delivery through enhanced accuracy, efficiency and satisfaction. Simple prints and application labels guarantee a smoother assembly line in and behind the scenes.

Communicate Anywhere And Anywhen

Communicate freely and functionally with Toshiba’s digital signage. It eases communications to and among employees with live updates and distributions of specific or company-wide communications. Moreover, the size of the display always ensures clear vision of information on the assembly line.

Streamline Invoices And Payments

With the high flow of incoming invoices and payments, Toshiba provides two simple methods:
automation and digitization. Invoices can be easily digitized, validated and even approved to then be automatically routed for the supposed payment.