e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials enables you to integrate your paper documents into your information workflow by converting scanned files into searchable, digital files, improving users’ productivity.

How does it work?
With Toshiba MFP, e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials enables users to access one-touch scanning workflows that can capture all types of paper documents and distribute the data via email, file servers and document management systems. e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials can also automate business processes by extracting data contained in barcodes, document zones and marks and automatically feeding it into business systems, cloud storage services, databases and finance applications.


Manage Digital Document
  • Blank page removal
  • De-skew (improved text appearance)
  • Format conversion (PDF, PDF/A, XML metadata with image)
  • Barcode recognition

Improved Eficiency
  • Business automation workflows
  • Fast and easy implementation

Easy Operation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large touch screen (Toshiba’s MFP)

  • Windows folder
  • Email
  • Google drive
  • ERP/CRM/DSM applications