Toshiba’s Remote MIF Management System (RMMS)

A revolutionary tool which is designed exclusively for Toshiba MFPs. With the utilization of the cloud-based application, it can remotely configure and monitor the device’s status in real-time. Hence, it allows the organization to increase the efficiency of service operation and also simplify the administration process.

  • Auto-Toner Supply
    RMMS assists user to track and manage their consumable level. Toner alert will be triggered for auto supply delivery once the toner level is low. This avoids the hassles to stock up large quantities of toner.
  • Auto-Meter Reading
    The RMMS can function to automatically capture meter reads at set intervals and it will be reported during off peak hours. Not only this can free up your resources to focus on other businesses, it also automate the processes and provide more accurate billing service.
  • Proactive-Service Alert
    RMMS has the ability to monitor Toshiba MFP device status and send real-time technical alert to inform service provider whenever an error is detected. After the evaluation of the data received, service provider can identify possible errors and resolve it remotely. If on-site technical expertise is required, service provider will identify and prepare the parts needed for replacement before arriving.
  • Firmware-Upgrade
    The RMMS enables automatic firmware upgrade on Toshiba devices to ensure that the device fleet is always at its optimum performance. Remote updates can be scheduled during off-peak hours to avoid any interruptions.
  • Self-Decommission
    Toshiba’s RMMS allows administrator to securely delete all the critical data from hard drive by remote. All information that might remain in the drive will be removed before it leaves the premises to keep the data safe and secure.

Security Features

RMMS implements secure protocol HTTPS (server authentication and encryption) to carry out communication with the MFP. It ensures private network established without globally route address. Data can only be sent from MFPs and access is solely limited to RMMS servers with valid authentication certificates.