Bizmap Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Suite is an integrated solution that offers end-to-end industry specific solution for the Distribution and Service industries. The Bizmap ERP enables companies to improve its labour efficiency and productivity by utilising automation functionalities and streamlining processes.

 Web-Based Application

Bizmap ERP is completely accessible via a standard web browser. Thus, it requires no software installation and is not limited by your location or complex network configurations. You will be able to access Bizmap ERP anytime and anywhere.


BizMap ERP can seamlessly scale to your specific business requirements, regardless if you use it for a single user or for large corporate environments. And as your business grows, BizMap can scale with it.

   On-The-Go Accessibility

Use any portable device, be it a smartphone or tablet, to manage your pending and urgent matters on-the-go. BizMap has it all integrated for the optimum user experience.


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Real-Time Data

View data in real-time, easing the process of making critical decisions and drive business improvements.

Automate Business Process

Have internal processes be automated, enabling your management to focus on tasks that truly matter for your organisation.

Centralised Repository

Experience a single platform that has access and acts as a central repository for your organisation’s information.