Toshiba recognizes the ever increasing demands and challenges of the education industry. In efforts to
simplify these challenges, we provide solutions that can facilitate the admissions, tests and grading
processes, whilst managing the costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Simplify The Testing And Grading Process

Tests and grading are essential yet arduous parts of the education sector. That is where we come in. Our solutions offer a platform which allows easy local creation of tests as well as the ability to carry out the testing process. Results can then be obtained instantly once submitted with our automated test grading.

Facilitate The Admissions And Workflow

Effortlessly reduce paperwork and hardcopies when our solutions provide a complete digitization of documents and files. Easily search, access and route documents to respective parties, which in turn reduce the clutter and time spent on manual processes.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Students can print and retrieve from any networked machine based on their individual user accounts, ensuring the proper print jobs and charges. Thus, our solutions reduce the amount of accidental waste in efforts towards a better future, in education and the environment alike.