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The persistent outbreak of the pandemic globally necessitates the implementation of preventive measures. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, these solutions are sourced and introduced to help the adaption to the new norms in the safest manner possible.
The solutions introduced are the Puductor 2, Bellabot and UWB Social Distancing Solution. These solutions are designed to improve upon the business continuity across multiple industries, as well as conform to newly set regulatory standard operating procedures.

Sanitation and disinfection are now crucial in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of an environment. However, the processes still require human contact and intervention and thus still retains the concerns and possibilities for cross infections. To overcome these concerns, introducing the Puductor 2.

The Puductor 2 is an automated non-contact disinfection robot that utilises dry mist spray and UV-C lights as its forms of disinfections. The tasks and the duration are programmable, and has multiple output rates for good control over the sanitisation process.
The robot uses AI to recognise the environment it is in and self-navigates around the given space to perform its tasks. Once its programmed task is completed, the Puductor 2 stops and automatically returns to its dock to recharge, minimising contact and concerns.

In large public areas such as schools, hospitals and public transportation hubs, the Puductor 2 can prove to be a asset towards creating a safer and cleaner environment.

Puductor2 mentioned in this article is a product of Pudu Robotics. Further information about the product is accessible at https://www.pudurobotics.com/
The delivery process usually requires contact between persons as well as the object of delivery. The BellaBot has therefore since been introduced to not only reduce the need of contact but also improve upon the delivery process and workflow.
The BellaBot is a premium delivery robot that is equipped with a 4-tier infrared induction tray that can withstand loads up to 10kg each, making it twice the amount from a manual standpoint. Additionally, up to 20 of them can be integrated to work simultaneously with each other, where it uses AI to recognise between the other robots and navigate in the space which they operate in.
Its capability to improve the efficiency of the workplace derives from its ability to work 24 hours non-stop with the use of exchangeable batteries. Therefore, on top of the contactless delivery, the BellaBot also can relieve staff from routined tasks and cut down on the running costs of the workplace.

BellaBot mentioned in this article is a product of Pudu Robotics. Further information about the product is accessible at https://www.pudurobotics.com/
Social distancing has become a practice in preventing the close contact between people in the post-pandemic era. In order to maintain the process and improve upon traceability, a social distancing solution was introduced.
The social distancing solution uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to determine range of distances. The basic solution employs a card and a tag that alerts and vibrates the user when a radius of six feet is breached. Should an incident occur, the related information such as time, ID and duration are recorded and accessible for reference and easy tracking.
In a bigger scale scenario, an advanced version additionally incorporates a UWB gateway that can be installed at the main entrance of the workplace such as factories and hospitals. The gateway tracks the tags when people enter and leave the premises, making finding abnormalities a swift and precise action within the workplace.  
Image shows Tag (left), Wristwatch (middle) & Gateway (right) of the solutions

Social distancing solution (including the tag, wristwatch, gateway) mentioned in this article are products of TsinGoal. Further information of the product is available at http://www.tsingoal.com/
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